Caribbean Stud Poker Complete Guide

If you are a player that is conversant with casino games, then you will have heard of poker. Poker is among the oldest game played by many people. The game is played with cards, and numerous physical casinos and online casinos showcase different variations of the game on their lobby. Among the famous variations of poker is the Caribbean stud poker. The game is very much like 5-card draw poker except for some minor changes. If you're a newbie to Caribbean stud poker, you may think that it is a complicated game. However, it is quite a simple game. In this guide, our experts will provide you with details on how the game is played. Go to for top online casinos.

Caribbean Stud Poker- The Gameplay

Like we said in the previous paragraph, Caribbean stud poker is similar to 5-card draw poker. However, it does not offer players the chance to bluff, and there is no draw option in the game. When you start the game and place your bets (usually referred to as ante bet), the dealer will deal you and other players at the tale 5 cards each from the deck of cards. These cards are dealt face down. After issuing players their cards, the dealer as well will go on to take 5 cards from the deck face down but with the last card face up. Players will then have an option on how they want to proceed by using the playing actions.

Playing Actions in Caribbean Stud Poker

There are basically two kinds of actions to take after the dealer has revealed the last card of that 5 cards he dealt himself. You can either fold or proceed (raise). By folding, what you are simply doing is forfeiting the game. This action is used when a player perceives that his hand is not as good as the dealer's hand. By folding, you lose the ante bet that you originally placed at the start of the game. If you choose to continue with the game, you will have to raise the ante bet by placing an extra bet. Once you do this, the dealer will check his hand to know if he can proceed with the game round or not.

How the Dealer Qualifies

Before a dealer can qualify for a game round in Caribbean stud poker, his hand must be at least an Ace-king. If he does not have an Ace-king and cannot open, the player receives a payout of 1:1 for the ante bet and there will be a push for the raise (the extra bet placed). If the dealer qualifies for the game round, however, then the value of his card will be compared with that of the player to know who wins the game. The person with the highest hand wins in Caribbean stud poker, and once a winner is known, a new game round begins. This is the same whether you are playing at a landbased casino or an online case.

Payout in Caribbean Stud Poker

The hand with the highest payout in Caribbean stud poker is the Royal Flush. If you are lucky to win with this hand, you will get a 100:1 payout. Winning with a Straight Flush offers a payout of 50:1 while 4-of-a-kind pays 20:1. One of the impressive things about playing Caribbean stud poker online is that you can check the payout information. You can also play the game in free mode to know how it works and all the moves that you can make. In addition, the free version of Caribbean stud poker will give you a chance to test different strategies that can help boost your winning odds. However, no actual money can be won playing free the free version of Caribbean stud poker online.